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Music and Arts Festivals  |  Special Events  |  Live Stream Events | Fundraising Campaigns | Video Productions | Digital Creations | Exhibitions

We are proud to have been involved in realizing complex and prestigious projects. 

We love events, people and the endless possibilities to create magic!

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Dos Anjos upholds high environmental standards and values and always sources locally.


Dos Anjos works with indigenous wisdom teachers that are eager to integrate ancestral knowledge  to our modern  sociocultural systems.


The Dos Anjos team believes that we can change our world(s) by uniting and by fostering more celebratory, structured, shared, transformational and transcendental events & experiences as a mode of living.


WE ARE DOS ANJOS, a production company based in New York City. We are the supporting partner for clients in the business of Entertainment & Arts,  organizing or financing events.  We aim to produce unimaginable experiences and  liaise on behalf of partners within a global network of creative collaborators. We are specialists in translating creative projects into feasible productions, no matter how big or small.


We co-create platforms for cultural exchange and celebration, our forte is on consultancy, strategic planning, production management, video productions, exhibitions and finding the best solutions for our partners. With offices in New York, Amazon and Rio de Janeiro we offer our services 24/7.


Let’s bring people and inspiring ideas together!

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Concept Creation
Strategic Planning
Events Production - Music Festivals, Livestreaming, Gatherings, Corporate Events
Operation & Budgeting
Filming & Photography
Social media marketing
Political/ Environmental Campaigns
Digital Creation - NFT, Blockchain, Metaverse & Games


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